Cobb County

Crowds swarm polls in record numbers for early voting in Georgia

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Voters arrived once again Thursday to incredibly long lines to early vote in Cobb County.

People told Channel 2's Dave Huddleston they waited up to three hours in line again Thursday looking to cast their ballots in the 2018 midterm election.

Cobb County elections director Janice Eveler told Huddleston in the next election, they will start with two early voting locations instead of one because of the long lines they've seen so far this year.

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"For us, this is historic number of people coming out for early voting and voting by mail," Eveler said.

Eveler said she has never seen lines like this for early voting.

Voter Paul Mock told Huddleston that he went to vote Wednesday, but never got to vote.


"The entire parking lot was full and the McDonald’s parking lot was full and the bank was full and then the line was too long. I didn't want to stand in line," Thomas said.

It was same situation when Thomas arrived Thursday. Parking was scarce, and the line was long. Thomas said he had more time on Thursday and not voting wasn’t even an option.

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"It's the No. 1 important thing we have to do for our country. It's the only way your voice gets heard in our country and our community to let people know what you want matters," Thomas said.

Eveler told Huddleston that another early-voting location will open on Saturday. Even more will open the following week.

"We open a total of 11 locations, so that is basically because as people make up their minds more people want to vote in the advanced voting period," Eveler said.


Voters are turning out in massive numbers to cast ballots ahead of next month's election.

On Thursday morning, the state released new numbers that show 296,000 people have voted so far.

Fulton County has the largest number, with more than 36,000 voters.

DeKalb and Cobb counties are second and third.

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About 58 percent of voters cast early ballots during the 2016 presidential election, and 37 percent voted in advance in 2014.

When mailed-in ballots are added to in-person early votes, a total of 129,458 Georgians had already voted through Monday in advance of the Nov. 6 general election, which features the race for governor between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.

At the same point in the midterm election cycle four years ago, just 46,086 people had voted, according to

In-person early voting is available in all of Georgia’s 159 counties.

Early voting lasts until Nov. 2 and includes at least one Saturday statewide, on Oct. 27. Some counties have additional voting times available on weekends.