Another Cobb County city looks to ban hand-held cellphone use while driving

Marietta leaders propose new law to fine drivers holding cell phones while driving

MARIETTA, Ga. — The city of Marietta is expected to adopt a law that makes it illegal to hold your cellphone while driving.

It would be the second city in Cobb County to pass such a law.

Those supporting the law's passage told Channel 2's Tom Regan that the goal is to save lives.

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Each year distracted driving causes thousands of deaths nationwide, and in most cases that distraction involves cellphones.

The wrecks are not just from people texting on their smartphones but also holding them, looking at them and talking.

Sean Sorrells told Regan he's not one of those people.

“(I use a) speaker phone or blue tooth,” Sorrells said. “No texting, no nothing."


“You see a car in front of you and it's weaving. You used to think they were intoxicated, now they're just on their phone," Marietta Mayor Steve Tumlin said.

Tumlin told Regan he took a look at the hands-free cellphone ordinance Smyrna just passed and said it only makes sense to adopt the law in Marietta.

He believes it will reduce accidents and possibly save lives.

“It affects all of us when someone is not paying attention to the important duty of driving," Tumlin said.

Under the proposed law, drivers could be fined $150 if they're seen using a hand-held cellphone or electronic device without a speaker phone or dash mount.

Georgia ranks fifth in the nation for its increase in distracted driving deaths over the past two years.

Surveys find the vast majority of drivers support hands-free cellphone use.

"It's for safety reasons. If your hands are on the steering, you're paying more attention,” one resident, who did not identify herself, told Regan.

If passed by the City Council, Marietta's cellphone driving law will take effect in April.

Georgia lawmakers this year will likely vote on a state law banning hand-held phone use by drivers.