• Man says iPhone sale turned violent, leaving him with broken collarbone

    By: Nefertiti Jaquez


    KENNESAW, Ga. - A man said he got into a fight with a thief who tried to steal his brand new iPhone X and the brawl spread through a local grocery store.

    Davis Stowers said he was trying to sell the phone, but got attacked instead. 

    Stowers told Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez that he took every precaution to avoid becoming a victim. 

    "It was my idea going to the Publix," Stowers said. “It was well lit, it had close circuit television, it had a lot of traffic.”

    But the 28-year-old was still attacked for a cellphone he was trying to sell through the LetGo app for $1,300.

    Stowers said he was selling a highly sought-after iPhone X. Now he has a broken collarbone after Kennesaw police say he was attacked while trying to sell it.


    It happened Saturday just before 8 p.m. inside this busy grocery store, along Cobb Parkway.    

    He and the attacker, identified as Kevin McGhee, met up inside the dining area of the store

    "We sit down, I take the phone out of the bag, he takes it, he’s looking at it. I thought something was wrong, and I got a weird feeling like it’s not going to end well," Stowers told Jaquez. 

    Seconds later, McGhee snatched the phone and made a run for it.  

    But the automatic doors of the store didn’t open in time and Stowers caught up to him. That’s when the two started wrestling over the phone. 

    Police say at one point, the suspect overpowered the victim by body slamming him to ground and that’s when the store manager and another custumer jumped in. 

    "Then the getaway driver got out of the car and made his way in," Stowers said. 

    The brawl ended with police arresting McGhee and his accomplice, Michael Rogers.

    Stowers is grateful to the men who jumped in to help because he knows this could have ended differently.  

    “I thought someone might lose their life,” Stowers said.  

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