Man finds two 5-foot-long snakes inside his home

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A Cobb County man had a terrifying experience after finding two snakes in his home. Both measured more than 5 feet long.

Darrell Baxter told Channel 2 Action News he has seen all types of critters outside his home, but never inside.

"I yelled, 'Oh my God!' That's not something you practice for -- a shock like that," Baxter said.


On Saturday afternoon, Baxter found a snake that a Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist identified it as a 'rat snake.' Baxter got rid of it permanently, but the next day, he found another.

"Sunday after church, we get home about 1:30. Before I take the first step up the stairway, I look up. There's another one -- even bigger in the exact spot," Baxter said.

Baxter took it outside with the help of a tool he uses to pick pine cones off his lawn.

A representative with a local pest control service told the homeowner that the snake likely slithered up a stone wall through a gap in the fascia into the attic and finally resting a few feet from Baxter's TV room.

He will now take steps to seal the gap outside the house where it's believed the snakes squeezed in.

"I do not want to see them again. It's obvious what a rattlesnake looks like, and what a copperhead looks like. I didn't know what these were," Baxter said.

Rat snakes are not venomous. Some consider them to be ‘good' snakes to have around your property.