Man accused of church plot warned congregants 'doom was looming,' police say

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a man who threatened to shoot up his church with a powerful arsenal was so angry at his pastor that he threatened to kill her and other church members.

Channel 2's Chris Jose learned that Marietta police are beefing up security at the Marietta church.

Ken Ogbemudia was arrested on Jan. 4 and charged with making terroristic threats.

Police said he planned to shoot up the Redeemed Christian Church of God Heaven's Gate.

“Saying that he had possession of two AK-47s and that he intended to come and kill multiple members of the congregation,” said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.


According to the police report Jose obtained on Tuesday, Ogbemudia called the pastor on New Year's Day telling her he would "spray the church" with his AK-47 and kill everyone.

Ogbemudia also allegedly told the pastor he wasn't afraid to go to jail or die by police. Jose learned he made that call from a friend's apartment in Marietta.

Ken Ogbemudia 

The friend told Jose off-camera that Ogbemudia became angry at the church because he's treated poorly.

“It was the pastor of that church that came to this police department to reach out and say I have a problem,” McPhilamy said.

The report also said Ogbemudia texted church members and warned them "doom was looming" and death was coming.

Police said the pastor contacted the man's girlfriend and she said she recently bought him two AK-47s and 600 rounds of ammunition.

“That's a lot of ammunition. That something that is certainly on all of our minds,” McPhilamy said.

Police said no weapons have been found yet. When investigators questioned the girlfriend, she said she didn't buy the guns.

"We don't know for a fact whether he has the weapons or not,” McPhilamy said.

Police said the girlfriend is cooperating with the investigation.

The church canceled Bible study last week. As a precaution, the pastor said she may hire another officer Sunday.