Home Depot sends truckloads of supplies to Florida in preparation for Michael

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — North Georgia and other parts of the state will feel the effects of Hurricane Michael after it passes Florida, and local agencies and businesses are prepared for whatever the storm may bring.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden spoke with Atlanta-based Home Depot and got an exclusive look at the chain's hurricane command center.

A spokesman said they have already shipped a few hundred truckloads of supplies, such as generators and plywood, to the Florida panhandle.


“We maintain close communication with leadership that’s in the impacted area and we become aware of any needs that may arise," said Jeff Partin with Home Depot.

Last month, Channel 2's consumer investigator Jim Strickland took you inside the center where we saw hundreds of generators and pallets of trash bags waiting to be shipped to the Carolinas ahead of Hurricane Florence.

“The response is going to be the same and sustained regardless of how many storms we have,” Partin said.

Home Depot will be closing five stores Tuesday night, and then re-opening them on Thursday after the storm passes.