High-ranking gang member orchestrated smuggling scheme at jail, deputies say

Deputies say incidents like this are becoming an alarming new trend

A high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood orchestrated a contraband smuggling scheme at the Polk County jail, deputies said.

Investigators told Channel 2's Chris Jose they uncovered the plot after they poured through more than 100 hours of recorded phone call conversations from the jail.

Ronald Paul Jr. is the inmate who called the shots from his cell, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

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"Everywhere these inmates, work details were going, this guy was setting drops up," said Cpl. Mike Jones. "They had tobacco, rolling paper, condoms and K-Y Jelly."

Jones believes between 15 to 20 drops were made between July and August. He rolled out the evidence bags, provided pictures and recorded phone calls for Jose on Tuesday.


Jones told Jose prescription pills were dropped off at a dumpster in the jail's parking lot. Jail surveillance video shows an 11-year old boy leaving a bag of drugs next to the dumpster.

Paul's family members forced the child to make the drop in August, Jones said.

"Does Ronald Paul think he's running the Polk County Jail?" asked Jose.

"He stated that several times on the phone call," said Jones.

"But he's not running the jail, is he?" Jose asked.

"Oh no," said Jones.

Sheriff Johnny Moats is in-charge of the jail.

"We're just not going to tolerate gangs in our county," said Moats. "We're going to spend every minute of every day, tracking them down and find out what they're doing."

Moats and Polk County District Attorney Jack Browning told Jose there's a growing gang problem in the area.

Browning said Paul will have to serve a full prison term after a judge revoked his probation due to the new smuggling charges.

The district described Browning as a career criminal who has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager.

"I would like to believe it sends a message to him and all of his gang banger buddies that do this, ‘Hey, they're for real. They're on to us and they're for real about it," said Browning.

"Although Polk may not, and Haralson may not be seen as the large counties like Gwinnett and Cobb, make no mistake we have our share of gang activity here and it affects neighborhoods just as adversely as it does them."

Paul's mother, sister, friends, and associates were arrested and charged for allegedly helping with the smuggling scheme.