• Guns, ammo, love letters: Man accused of stalking female officers

    By: Chris Jose


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Guns, ammo and love letters.

    Police told Channel 2 Action News they found all that -- and more -- when they arrested a man accused of stalking female officers.

    Investigators said the stalking went on for months, and the suspect was even warned after sending love letters and posting messages on Facebook.


    "He was sitting in our parking lot. Watching our department at shift change with his hand on what appeared to be on a loaded firearm," said Austell Police Chief Bob Starrett.

    The chief took these pictures of the guns and ammunition stacked on top of a patrol car. 

    "You have to ask yourself, 'Why would somebody be doing that sitting here at shift change watching our department?'" he said.

    Starrett doesn’t know what the man intended to do but he believes he stopped a potential attack.

    Investigators found Facebook videos that show Freddie Markley firing a rifle. You see him shooting targets in a remote area.

    On top of the love letters, including one from Valentine’s Day, investigators said he has made several comments that are concerning. 

    “All right, blondie. I be in your zone. Where you at? I got some linguini for the fettuccini," the man can be heard saying in a Facebook video.

    "We carry a gun. We carry a badge. But we can be stalked and be victims of crimes, too," Starrett said.

    Markley is at the Cobb County jail with no bond. Documents say he is a danger to the community.

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