Father charged with DUI in crash that killed his 11-year-old son

ATLANTA — Cobb County police arrested an Austell man for allegedly driving drunk with his two children in the car.

Adrian Hyde lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree on Brownsville Road in Powder Springs, killing his 11-year old son on Jan. 13, police said.

Hyde and his 13-year old survived and sustained serious injuries, police said.

It took investigators seven months to file charges.


“In a case like this where you have severe injuries on all of the parties, there’s not a need to rush and get charges, but actually to gather the evidence,” said Sgt. Wayne Delk, a spokesman for Cobb police. “Our STEP unit is very meticulous. They do a really good job of not only getting evidence at the scene of crash, but also follow up with toxicology and to confirm their beliefs from what they got at the scene.”

Police say they found an open bottle of gin at the scene of the crash.

Records show Hyde is at the Cobb County jail with no bond.

An arrest warrant issued last Thursday shows Hyde is facing several charges including vehicular homicide, DUI child endangerment and driving with a suspended license.