Cobb County

Dog found nearly starved to death in home

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are investigating after a starved dog was found in Cobb County.

“Lucky,” a 1-year-old pit bull, was found Saturday at a home in Smyrna.

The dog is now receiving care at Woodland Animal Hospital in Locust Grove.

He can hardly move due to the abuse doctors said he suffered.

“It makes me boil just thinking about how a dog could become like this, and (he’s) so sweet,” Dr. Lexie Outlaw-Mahn said.

Doctors said Lucky has lost 20 pounds in two weeks, but he’s in better shape now than when he was found.

“It was probably one of the most devastating things I had ever witnessed,” Justine Stinnett said.


Stinnett said she had found Lucky outside the home in a crate.

“My heart sank because I knew he had been out there in the rain, freezing,” she said.

Stinnett said Lucky is deaf.

“A friend of mine couldn’t keep him anymore so she gave him to me in hopes that I could find him a good home,” she said.

She said she placed Lucky in a foster home, but two weeks ago, the foster parent stopped returning her calls. That’s when Stinnett went to the home and found the emaciated dog.

Cobb County police said they are in the early stages of their investigation. They have not identified any suspects.

Doctors are working to bring Lucky back to full strength.

“You can’t just give them tons of food and have them gorge themselves because they can get sick and die,” Outlaw-Mahn said.

Lucky will have to regain 20 pounds before he can be put up for adoption.