Condo complex says landlord needs to fix mold, deplorable conditions

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Residents at a Cobb County condominuims say that event though a dispute between their landlord and the HOA has been resolved, their problems have not gone away

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen learned the management company that oversees at The Worthington condominiums has filed for bankruptcy.

That is only adding to the headaches for the condo residents.

“There was a puddle of water and tile had collapsed from the ceiling,” resident Karlotto Frazier told Pozen as she walked her through his condo. “It is a pretty big hole so I am not sure when it is going to get fixed, but it is another frustration.”

The frustration Frazier is alluding to is how she and other renters found themselves caught in the middle of a dispute between their landlord and the homeowners association.

The HOA told the landlord, Samuel Lloyd, who owns about 78 of the 188 units in the building, he owes $170,000 in dues.


After our story aired about the dispute, Lloyd’s company filed for bankruptcy. But renters are left with the fallout of the unpaid dues.

In the hallway leading to Frazier’s unit, carpet is torn and moulding hangs from the ceiling. 

Her neighbors have even bigger problems: mold. They said dealing with the landlord is impossible. 

“They've got mold just like I have in my bedroom. It’s gone unanswered. People have been without heating, air conditioning. They had to buy portable units,” Miguel Albarron told Pozen. 

Albarron said it's cruel to ignore rent paying tenants. 

“They should all live in a tent outside in the woods compared to what they are making us live in,” Albarron said.

Pozen has been trying to contact the landlord daily since Tuesday, and her calls and emails have not been returned. 

The landlord is due back in court next month regarding his bankruptcy filing.