Cobb County

College student driving home killed in wrong-way crash

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A driver is accused of going the wrong-way and causing a crash that killed a local college student.

Family members say Kimberly Islas, 21, was heading home from work Saturday night when police say the driver of a Ford Explorer, heading south in a northbound travel lane, flew through the intersection on South Cobb Drive and broad-sided Islas’ Honda.

Islas was killed. Casey Hunter, 44, has been charged with felony vehicular homicide and a DUI.

Islas' family says the Marietta High School graduate was working a couple of jobs and attending Atlanta Metro Tech, where she was studying to be a nurse.

Within hours friends, co-workers and fellow students were sharing pictures and memories on social media.

Police say Hunter had blown the red light on South Cobb Drive at high speed while on the wrong side of the road.


According to reports, police found the 44-year-old driver had been taking prescription medications. They also quickly found out she had an outstanding arrest warrant for her arrest in South Carolina, her driver's license was suspended for a prior DUI, she had no insurance and her SUV not only had no registration but had a fake tag on it."

Hunter, who has a long history of arrests and now a long list of charges in this case, escaped serious injury and was sent to jail.

Islas' family is left to sort out why it happened.

"She had so much potential in her life. She wanted to be a nurse, go to college, working out, you know, doing good things. She didn't deserve this,” her aunt, Jessica Barron, said.