Cobb police seek shooter who killed 22-year-old in his own home

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for a killer after someone gunned down a man inside his home in Austell.

People who live in the Crestview townhome community said 22-year-old Kristopher Dixon was not one to look for trouble.

“Kris was a really nice. He spoke to me every day,” said neighbor Tina Thornton.

But on Saturday, police said trouble came looking for Dixon.

Cobb County police say Dixon was shot multiple times in his home around 10 a.m.

“I just heard the guy got shot six times,” Thornton said.

Police said witnesses reported seeing the shooter getting into a car and leaving the scene.


One neighbor wonders who was so brazen as to kill Dixon in his own home.

“They took a life, and nobody has a right to take a life but God,” the neighbor said.

People in the area said Dixon was a tattoo artist and was starting a T-shirt business. They said he was focused on his work and not trouble.

“His father said that he was raised to walk away from problems from troubles. Because he was pursuing his T-shirt business,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors are now troubled that the peace and tranquility of their community has been punctured by violence and crime scene tape.

“He always like, ‘Hey neighbor, how you doing?’ I just feel for his parents,” Thornton said.

Neighbors said Dixon’s father said the victim was his only son.

Police said they don't have any suspects right now. They're asking anyone with information to contact police.