• Cobb County agrees to pay outstanding $14M for SunTrust Park

    By: Scott Flynn


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Cobb County taxpayers are on the hook for millions more dollars at the new Braves Stadium.

    Some Cobb County residents told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt they believe the county has spent enough at SunTrust Park.

    The money at issue has to do with a line-item in the agreement between the Atlanta Braves and Cobb County. It remained unclear if the money had already been spent or if there was still an outstanding bill.

    Commissioners decided there were still outstanding bills.

    "There has got to be, I think, a line drawn,” one Cobb resident told Cavitt.

    Cobb Commissioner Lisa Cupid agreed saying the SunTrust Park area has already sucked in enough county resources to the point they've cut funding to other things.

    "This is beyond just a Board of Commissioners matter and a Braves matter this is about protecting taxpayers’ dollars," Cupid said.


    She said all the road work around the stadium should satisfy the team.

    "Which total’s far beyond $14 million," Cupid said Tuesday.

    But that $14 million commitment has sat in the agreement between the Braves and Cobb County for years without much being said about it.

    That agreement included money for water and sewer projects around the stadium, retention ponds and flood prevention, and new roads and traffic lights around SunTrust Park.

    "What kind of broke apart is it never came up and was voted on by the board, so I think that's where it broke down it wasn't lost in the shuffle," Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott told Cavitt.

    Ott said the $14 million commitment was always there, Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce agreed and said they had to do what they had to do.

    "The message, the prime message I'm concerned about here is that we maintain our reputation as an unblemished partner, that when we say we're going to do something we live up to our word," Boyce said.

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    Cobb County agrees to pay outstanding $14M for SunTrust Park