Suspect reached 71 mph with police officer inside car after traffic stop

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A chaotic scene after a traffic stop: Authorities said a driver took off with a police officer inside thar car for a mile along a busy road.

Marietta police said it started along Delk Road and Franklin Gateway on Thursday.

It was just after 7:30 a.m. when the officer pulled the car over for a traffic violation. He smelled marijuana and asked the driver to step out, police said.

At first, Channel 2's Chris Jose was told the driver cooperated but when backup arrived, police say the driver tried to take off.

Investigators said the officer put the driver in a headlock and was pulled into the car. The car was then put into drive, and accelerated, police said.

"Certainly, it was a chaotic scene,” said Marietta police Officer Chuck McPhilamy. “We're incredibly happy and fortunate that the officer pushed back into traffic wasn't run over or hurt, even happier the officer that became trapped partially into the vehicle was able to stay just out of harm's way enough that he wasn't pushed out of the vehicle or pulled in any further or hurt. Now that we know there were handguns involved, certainly there could've been a gunfight inside the car.”


Police said the car reach speeds of 71 mph. The car eventually stopped about a mile away near Delk Road and Interstate 75.

Police said the driver and two passengers tried to run away but they were quickly taken down by other responding officers.

They were taken into custody.