1 person shot at Cobb County QuikTrip

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are talking to a man who shot another driver at a busy QuikTrip during the morning rush hour on Wednesday.

It started when two vehicles pulled into the gas station on Cobb Parkway around 8 a.m.

Smyrna investigators told Channel 2's Ross Cavitt the driver of a black pickup truck had been fueling up at one pump, when the small gray car with Alabama tags drove up to the next pump and that driver got out and started talking with, then fighting with the pickup's driver.

“It seems there was some sort of disturbance and one of the individuals involved in that disturbance was shot,” Defense said.

Customers at the pumps had to duck for cover.

"He actually called 911 to report that he had shot somebody," said Smyrna Police Spokesman Louis Defense.
Investigators are still trying to figure what led to the violent escalation.


“We’re going to look at the surveillance tape from QuikTrip and we’re going to talk to the two involved parties and if criminal charges are needed to be brought, then we will,” Defense said.

The man who was wounded was taken to Kennestone Hospital where he was listed as stable.

Former prosecutor, now criminal defense attorney Grady Moore says Georgia law gives the gunman some latitude.

“The law does not require the person retreat but requires that the force be the response be reasonable under the circumstances it doesn’t look at the individual person being attacked it looks at what a reasonable person would do under those circumstances," Moore said.