Cobb County

1 dead in Cobb County house fire

MARIETTA, Ga. — Fire investigators worked late into the night Sunday investigating a house fire that killed a man.

Shattered glass, a caved in roof, and the charred shell of the home is all that is left. Investigators believe the homeowner died in the fire.

Rattled neighbors told Channel 2 Nefertiti Jaquez they are still trying to process what happened.

Jordan Seymore said the flames were so massive you could see smoke billowing from 2 miles away.

“It was a hectic and chaotic scene,” Seymore told Jaquez. “I'm at a loss for words. It's just crazy that it happened two doors down from me.”

The fire broke out before 12:30 p.m. Sunday.  Fire officials said someone driving along Old Concord Road heard an explosion then saw flames and called 911.

Deadly house fire in Cobb County.

Firefighters arrived and worked feverishly to get things under control. Once inside, they found the man’s body near the front door.

Neighbor Henry McMillion remembered his neighbor as a nice man.

“I didn’t know him like that but I drive through here every day and he seemed like a great guy,” McMillion told Jaquez. “To start the New Year off like this, it’s just real sad.”

Fire crews also found two kerosene tanks that the man was using to heat the home because the house had no power.

Investigators told Jaquez they also found oxygen tanks.

Firefighters are still trying to figure out what led to the fire. So far, they have not released the victim’s name.