• 'I thought he was going to shoot': Local woman says aggressive driver waved gun at her

    By: Matt Johnson


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A woman says an angry driver was riding her bumper and waving a gun.

    The road rage incident happened on Dallas Highway Monday afternoon in Cobb County.

    "I honestly thought, when he got beside my car, he was going to shoot me. That's what I was bracing myself for," she told Channel 2's Matt Johnson.

    She asked not to be identified while Cobb County police are working to make contact with the person.

    She took a picture of the truck he was in and shared it with police.


    "It was enough to say, 'Hey I have a gun, and I'm looking at you. I'm following you,'" she said.

    But she said there was nowhere for her to go on the highway near John Ward Road when he started honking and riding her bumper.

    "There's no way he could have gotten in front of me to merge there was traffic in front of me and behind me so I don't have any idea what would set somebody off like that," she said.

    A police report Johnson obtained from Cobb County police includes how the driver is accused of trying to force the woman to rear-end him.

    "(He) comes beside me, stares at me, jerks his car into my car into my lane and slams on the brakes," she said.

    Cobb County police have identified the driver and are trying to talk to him.

    The woman involved said she hopes she never sees anyone else that upset behind the wheel.

    "I think it's pretty unacceptable to be that angry that quickly for any reason," she said.

    No criminal charges have been filed.

    Police said they have made efforts to contact the driver but we're not able to find him.

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