• 'Don't transfer me:' Woman had 911 problems as road rage driver followed her

    By: Tom Jones


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A woman says she had a frightening experience when a road rage driver pointed a gun at her and tried to pull her over.

    Tarryn Sampson tells Channel 2's Tom Jones she was driving down South Cobb Drive Saturday afternoon and wanted to merge into a lane to get on Interstate 285. 

    As she tried to merge, Sampson said a man who had been driving erratically rolled down his window and flashed a gun at her. 

    Sampson called 911 as the driver started to follow her down the interstate. She pulled over onto the shoulder where someone’s car had broken down.  

    She said she saw the gunman pull over in his gray Jeep Renegade. Sampson told Jones the Cobb operator couldn’t tell her what to do to stay safe.

    “I’m saying, ‘Do I stop? What do you want me to do?’ And she was like, ‘Well are you in danger?'" Sampson said.


    As she crossed into Fulton County, Sampson was transferred to Fulton 911 and said her call got sent to voicemail.

    “It’s an emergency. Why would there be a voicemail?” she told Jones.

    Sampson said the gunman continued trailing her until she exited onto Interstate 20 East. Sampson believes he kept behind because he didn't want her to get his license plate number. 

    She called 911 again, and this time reached Atlanta 911. Sampson was told she would have to be transferred back to Cobb.

    “I'm like, ‘No, don't transfer me. Don't transfer me. You have to get him off the road,” she said.

    Jones contacted Cobb, Fulton and Atlanta 911 to figure out what happened. 

    Fulton 911 told Jones its operators may have been on other calls, but there is a message that says don't hang up. 

    Cobb said there was some confusion about her location, but operators told her to go to a nearby gas station if the situation escalated. Cobb police are now investigating. 

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