• Cobb County woman struck by lightning while in her car

    By: Erin Coleman


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Cobb County woman said lightning struck her car as she was driving home Tuesday, and she felt the charge.

    Summer brings the possibility of popup showers almost every afternoon in metro Atlanta. Most people think that they are safe as long as they are in their car, but what they are doing inside can also affect them.

    Teresa Adams said she was driving home in Smyrna Tuesday night, when she got caught in an intense lightning storm. She said her car took a direct hit.

    “All of a sudden, a very blinding white light filled the whole car. My whole body went numb then started tingling like when your foot wakes up,” Adams said.

    Adams said her car’s electrical system flashed a problem with the undercarriage. She said she was on her cell phone when it happened. Then, as quickly as the storm came, it passed.

    “I didn't know this could happen, because I always thought if you had rubber tires you were good,” Adams said.

    Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologists say that for the most part, people in their car are OK.

    “A lot of people think the tires on the car will protect you-- that's not it, it's the electricity goes through the car and grounded out through the ground,” Channel 2 meteorologist Karen Minton said. “If you are making contact with something metal in your car, you can get shocked.”

    Minton said that includes anything like the door handle, some steering wheels, and even a cell phone when connected to a charger.

    “My fingers from my finger tips to my elbow on both arms (are) still tingly numb,” Adams said.

    Adams said the experience was one she will not forget. She said that in the future, she will do things differently if caught in a lightning storm.

    “I think if it's that close, after that, I’m pulling over,” she said.

    Adams said aside from the tingling, she feels OK, but that it was a very scary experience.

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