• Woman says driver swerved into her along I-75, flipping SUV several times

    By: Michael Seiden


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A woman says her insurance will not fix her damaged car because a local police department did not explain who was to blame for the crash.

    Channel 2's Michael Seiden spent weeks obtaining records and even recordings for this story that show the interaction with officers the day of the crash.

    Calls into 911 calls captured the frightening moments after two vehicles collided along Interstate 75 near Old Dixie Highway on May 27 in Clayton County.

    “A vehicle hit another vehicle and it flipped over,” one caller told the dispatcher. “There’s a fire! The car’s on fire!”

    Melissa Magen and her teenage daughter, Eden, were inside the burning SUV. Luckily, they escaped with non-life-threatening injuries.


    They are now at home in Kentucky recovering and on a mission to get justice.

    Nearly two months after the horrific crash, Magen told Seiden that she’s still trying to recover tens of thousands of dollars in insurance claims.

    She's unable to do so because of what Clayton County police wrote in the incident report for the crash.

    “It was missing all of the facts and all the details of the accident," Magen said.

    Police sent Seiden the incident report after he filed an open records request.

    Magen told officers she was driving in the far-left lane when all of a sudden, a speeding car traveling in the emergency lane, which is illegal, sideswiped her, causing her SUV to flip five times before slamming into a wall.

    On the responding officer’s body camera, the other driver told police two different stories.

    Officer: “So what happened on you guy’s side?

    Driver: “I was over to the furthest lane to the left. I was trying to get over to my right. That’s whenever, I guess, she hit me on the side and the back because nothing in the front of my car is like hit or anything.”

    Officer: “So where were you at when you first felt her hit you?”

    Driver: “I was crossing over.” 

    Officer: “Were you in the middle between the two lanes?”

    Driver: “Yeah.”

    A witness supported Magen's claim, saying he saw the other driver speeding in the emergency lane before she crashed into her SUV.

    But in in the end, no one was cited.

    “They’re both so conflicting. It’s not even funny,” Magen said.

    Seiden contacted Clayton County police and a spokesperson told him that they're still investigating the incident.

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