Couple says bullets from celebratory gunfire flew through their window July 4

The couple said they were almost struck by bullets and could have been killed.??

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Clayton County couple said they could have been killed when bullets flew through their bedroom on the Fourth of July.

Mary Banks' relaxing holiday ended up with her fearing for her life.

Banks told Channel 2's Christian Jennings she was in her bedroom when she head a pop and glass breaking.

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"When I did come to look, two bullets had come through," Banks said, showing Jennings the holes in her window. "One here, broke the blind, came through the wall and ended on the bed."

Another bullet pierced the wall in her bedroom. It's still lodged there, above her headboard.

"Then when we went outside in the morning, I saw there was another gunshot hole here on this side on the outside," Banks said.

Banks and her husband, Marvin Banks, think the bullets likely came from people shooting off guns to celebrate the holiday.


Mary Banks said she feels blessed to be alive.

"I got angry, you know, because here I am," Banks said. "You don't know where these bullets are going. I could have lost my life."

Marvin Banks wants people to understand that guns are nothing to play with.

"I just want people to be aware that when you take out a gun and shoot it in the air or, you know, any direction, you know the bullet can go anywhere and hurt or kill anybody," Marvin Banks said.

The Bankses are handing the bullets over to investigators.

Jennings emailed Clayton County police to see if they do think that this was a case of celebratory gunfire. They told her that it is an active investigation and they couldn't release any information.