Clayton County

Woman carjacked, kidnapped while pumping gas

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for the people who carjacked and kidnapped a woman at a gas station.

Iris Cadler said that around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, she was pumping gas at the Kroger gas station on Highway 138 in Stockbridge.

She said someone snuck up behind her and covered her face.

"He said, 'Just come with me. There won't be any problems.' He dragged me around my car to another vehicle and took me away," Cadler said.

The victim said she gave the kidnappers her ATM card and PIN and they took the keys to her SUV, which had her wallet and phone inside.

"These were young kids. You could tell they were young by the way they were talking. I said, 'Y'all need to be careful out here. This isn't worth it,'" Cadler said.

Police said the kidnappers dropped the woman off in southeast Atlanta on McDonough Boulevard.


"He let me out and said, 'Lay on your stomach.' I laid on my stomach. I just knew I was going to be shot," Cadler said.

She said she ran for help and someone at the gas station called 911.

"I started running down the street trying to wave people down saying, 'Help! Help!' and I understand why people wouldn't stop," Cadler said.

The victim said she has advice for other women.

"Don't pump gas by yourself, especially if you're a female. Have somebody with you," she said.

Cadler said she thinks the kidnappers are desperate with the holidays coming up and they caught her when she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings.

She said she hopes police find them before they do this to anyone else.