Video shows shirtless man high on meth attack stranger inside restaurant

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Shocking surveillance video Channel 2 Action News obtained shows a shirtless man attack a stranger inside of a Clayton County restaurant Sunday.

The footage shows the tense moments before police used a Taser to stun the suspect identified as Guillermo Mancera. Police told Channel 2's Mark Winne he tested positive for meth.

Mancera, 20, was seen whipping, punching and kicking the window of the restaurant.

Video shows the man then stared down a customer and started whipping him with electrical wires. The customer fought back but the man started throwing tables and chairs until everyone ran toward the back for safety.

A good Samaritan said he was on Tara Boulevard and Arrowhead Boulevard when he saw a responding Clayton County police officer first use a Taser on the man.

Shimon Burch, who jumped in to help police, told Channel 2's Matt Johnson why he had to do something when he saw the commotion.


"Everybody else was just standing around with their phones out, videotaping like they do. This cop was out here fighting this guy and he couldn't handle it by himself," Shimon Burch said. "No time to pull out my phone. Take action. See something, do something."

Another video shows officers trying to subdue Mancera after the attack in the restaurant.

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It raised questions about one officer's use of force after he kicked the suspect multiple times. The officer's kicking is currently under review by the police department.

"He bit the officer first, then he bit me, and when I screamed, 'Stop biting me,' I hear another voice screaming, 'Stop biting him,' and that's the cop that was kicking him," Burch said.

Burch said it took several officers to finally arrest Mancera. The Jonesboro man now faces 16 charges.

Burch agreed to the interview with Channel 2 Action News because he thinks the use-of-force investigation into the officer who kicked Mancera is unnecessary.

"I think he did the right thing because he was helping me," Burch said.

Burch said he didn't stick around after the arrest.

Once he heard police wanted to find him and thank him, he said he went to the police department to talk to them and also file a few more criminal charges against the suspect.

Mancera remains in the Clayton County Jail.