• These suspects were arrested in an illegal street racing bust

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Dozens of suspected illegal street racers are facing charges after officers said they were caught in the act in Clayton County.

    Investigators told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that drivers would block off major roads so they could race.

    Clayton County police say it is a huge problem near C.W. Grant Parkway and Interstate 75.

    Authorities said they went out Sunday and slammed the brakes on the operation.

    “We have 25 physical arrests,” county police Capt. William Ibarrondo told Jones. “We impounded 16 vehicles.”

    Arrests in the illlegal street racing operation.
    Arrests in the illlegal street racing operation.

    Officers said they also took several dangerous weapons off the street.

    “We had two AR-15s, one shotgun and three Glocks,” Ibarrondo said.

    Businesses complained about illegal street racing in the area and in their parking lots, saying the racers left damage behind.

    “It costs $30,000 for them to resurface that whole parking lot,” Ibarrondo said.


    Police told Jones that they knew the racers meet up on Sundays. So they were there this past Sunday and said they saw the racers gearing up to hit the streets.

    Police said they decided to arrest them after the rain prevented them from racing.

    “Traffic offenses plus the criminal trespass and the criminal damage to the property and the loitering or prowling in the middle of the night. They have no just cause to be there,” Ibarrondo said.

    Officers admit they wanted to send a message.

    “It's not safe. It's dangerous and it’s not going to be tolerated in Clayton County,” Ibarrondo said.

    Officers said the suspected illegal street racers are from Gwinnett County and other street racers come all the way from Cumming to race.

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