Teen who shot movie set security guard killed man days later, police say

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a teen who shot a security guard on a movie set also murdered someone else just days after that shooting.

Security guard Tomesha Brown was working on a movie set in Union City when one of three young men shot her. She remains in a hospital intensive care unit and her mother, Suzette Brown, says she is still struggling to recover.

Suzette Brown and Tomesha Brown's husband were stunned to learn the same teen accused of shooting their loved one is also accused of a murdering a man days after she was wounded.


Police arrested 18-year-old Daijon Tyes after they say he shot and killed a man during an attempted robbery at a gas station on Rex Road in Clayton County on Wednesday. The 28-year-old man was pumping gas when it happened.

Officers said Tyes confessed to the shooting.

Police said they then discovered he was wanted in the shooting of Tomesha Brown.

Suzette Brown said she was happy to hear the news of the arrest of the accused shooter, who she believes was on a murderous path.

"I mean, it's just awful that these young people don't understand what they're doing to themselves and what they're doing to families," Suzette Brown said.

Amourion Bruce, 17, also faces murder charges in connection with the shooting at the gas station.

Cozy Blackmon, Tomesha Brown's husband, says it pains him to see his wife on a ventilator in intensive care but the arrest gives him some comfort.

"I'm real happy that they did catch the shooter and justice will prevail," Blackmon said. "He's just on bad path, going down the wrong road at a young age."

Brown's mother says Tyes has destroyed his future.

"That's sad. That's sad. Your life is over. I mean it's over and done with," Suzette Brown said.