Teacher getting groceries from car forced into apartment, sexually assaulted, police say

According to authorities, he????held a knife at her throat and raped her with her 5-year-old child in another room.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Clayton County police are trying to find the person they say raped a woman in her apartment while her son was in another room.

The victim, a teacher, said last week that the man forced her back into her apartment at the Battle Creek Apartments and raped her. According to authorities, he held a knife at her throat and raped her while her 5-year-old child was in another room.

He then threatened to kill her and her child, she said.

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Tenants at the apartment complex were taken aback after Channel 2's Tom Jones told them about a sexual assault that took place in their complex Oct. 23.

They were not happy the leasing office hadn't informed them about the incident

"I think I'm definitely gonna go have a conversation with the leasing office as soon as possible," one woman told Jones.

For the past several months, Jones has been reporting on the search for the man who is accused of attacking five women over a two-year span all across Clayton County.

Officers said they have found nothing to connect this attack with the serial rapist.

A family member of the Oct. 23 attack victim told Jones they didn't know what had happened.

Jones went to the leasing office to find out if the complex informed tenants about the attack. A manager wouldn't answer that question but did have this to say about the incident:

"We are actually working with the police on that. We don't have any information about it but we are working with them," the manager said.