Clayton County

Restaurant bill dispute leads to worker pulling out gun, customer says

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A dispute over cold food – got heated when customers said someone pulled out a gun at a restaurant.

A woman, who said she was punched during the fight, said she was celebrating the end of her wedding weekend with friends at Buka 2 when the violence unfolded.

Nkechi Onunka said the night out with friends ended with her pleading for a man to put down his gun.


Onunka said she, her husband and about 10 other friends came to the restaurant in Riverdale Monday night. She said she and her husband didn’t order anything, but her friends did.

Onunka said when her friends told the chef their food was cold, he offered to comp all of them. But, chef Buka Abraham, the owner of the restaurant, said he only offered a 30 percent discount.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me,” Abraham said.

Onunca said when her friends disputed the bill, the owner and another man grew irate.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington obtained video of the argument.

Moments later, Onunca said a man, whom she says identified himself as the owner’s son, pulled out a gun and threatened her and her husband.

“That’s when the son came back and this time he had a gun and he was pointing it at everyone,” Onunka said.

Another woman at the party told Washington that Abraham locked the entire party inside the restaurant until they paid. She said he even spit on her.

“We were assaulted, we had a gun brandished on us. It’s never that serious,” said the friend, who did not want to be identified.

Abraham denies all of the allegations. He said he never assaulted anyone and that there was never a man with a gun.

“The allegations aren’t true, that wasn’t a true story at all,” Abraham said.

Onunca said she knows what she saw.

“And you were just pointing a gun and waving, what if that gun had went off?” Onunca said.

A number of witnesses called Washington and said the guy, whom they say had the gun took off.

Meanwhile both the owner and the bride say they plan to press charges against each other.