Clayton County

Residents outraged by 'rude' letter from apartment manager

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Residents in one Clayton County apartment community say the latest letter from their property manager is the last straw.

Channel 2’s Wendy Corona visited the Pine Estate Apartments in Riverdale and spoke with residents who told her this is no way to treat people.

Resident Jendayi Talibah and her neighbors showed Corona letter after letter the apartment management has left on their doors.

"His rudeness toward the people is just unbelievable,” Talibah said.

The latest letter told residents not to "enter the rental office


and get (their) lease terminated."

It also said, "Because something is not working properly in your unit or you feel as if you can pay what you want


...If you feel as if your unit is uninhabitable, turn in your keys and move."


Corona tried calling and visiting the management office during business hours, but no one was around, a situation residents say is common.

There was evidence some empty units are getting attention with attempts at renovating, but residents say the inhabited ones are not.

“He is always threatening with eviction,” one resident said.

And their options are becoming more scarce

“(I'll) probably (have to) move back in with my mom,” Callaway said.