• Police search for man who took police car on a joyride and posted it online

    By: Tyisha Fernandes


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police are looking for the person who recorded himself stealing a police car and posted it on social media.

    "We are driving a police car man," the person can be heard saying into the camera.

    Now, Clayton County police are investigating.
    Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes spoke to authorities who had no idea this ever happened.

    When Nestar Yankson watched the video, posted on Instagram, of a man recording himself while taking a Clayton County police car on a quick joyride, he said some people will do anything to get attention on social media, even break the law - and post the proof.


    "He’s just doing it for clout. Everybody wants clout these days," he said.

    Police told us in July, the officer driving the car left it running while he jumped out and chased a suspect into a neighborhood. That’s when the man jumped in the cruiser and recorded it.

    The video just surfaced on Instagram and World Star last week.

    Now, police are hoping someone can identify the man and when they do, police are going to charge him for taking the car.

    "He thinks he's hard now but he’s not gonna be hard when he’s in jail," Yankson said.

    Investigators told Fernandes the officer never knew that his car was taken until someone posted the video because the joyrider brought the car back before the officer got back to the car.

    Police hope that people learn from this incident.

    "Shocking video is not always good video, especially when the video can land you in jail."


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