• Officers quickly arrest 2 robbery suspects. The crime happened directly across from police HQ

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Neighbors in Clayton County were frightened as a police chase ended with a van crashing down a 50-foot embankment and one of the suspects darting from the scene.

    Police eventually caught two suspects just minutes after an armed robbery at Happy Nails Supply Store.

    Police said they were able to quickly catch up to the suspects for two reasons: The nail supply store was across the street from a police department and officers were outside after leaving a training session.

    A two-mile chase ensued before the capture.


    Officers said 17-year-old Rodrick Holt and 20-year-old Kevin Hinds made the mistake of turning into a cul-de-sac on Heritage Place just before 10 a.m.

    The stolen van they were occupying went into a lawn and kept going.

    "(The) car actually went over the embankment and rolled several times, and it sits at the bottom of the bottom of the ravine right now," Chief James Callaway of the Morrow Police Department  said.    

    Holt and Hinds were arrested. They suffered no apparent injuries. It's a wild ride and crash down a 50-foot embankment Holt said he won't forget.

    "My only thought was I was just hoping I be alive when we crash," Holt said. 

    Holt and Hinds face several felony charges. The van they were driving  was stolen out of DeKalb County on Thursday morning.

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