• New tech could catch you speeding in school zones – without cops being there

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - New technology could catch speeders in school zones, without an officer even there.

    Automated speed cameras will soon be coming to one metro Atlanta county.

    After a change in state law and hearing concerns from parents, Clayton County will soon install new technology to slow drivers down.

    "It was significant support. I was really surprised at the overwhelming numbers," Chief Thomas Trawick said.

    Trawick said police will deploy radar and special cameras with license plate readers at fixed locations around schools where they've had complaints.

    In the city of Morrow, officials did a study at the end of last school year in front of one Clayton County elementary school and found, in just the two hours before and after school, 100 drivers going 10+ mph over the posted 25 mph limit.

    "In my mind that is a huge variance for a school zone especially when talking about elementary school areas where we have small babies attempting to commute to school," Trawick said.

    Expect the cameras, radars and tag readers in place before the end of the semester.

    If you are caught going 10 mph over the limit, expect a ticket in the mail.

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