Crews work to repair road, water main damaged in flooding

The flooding left several people trapped in their homes.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Crews are working to repair a road washed out by a flooded creek in Clayton County. Residents said heavy rain caused the creek to overflow and burst a water main, creating a sinkhole and taking out part of Windsor Drive.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach was at the scene, where crews brought in heavy equipment to start repairs Friday morning.

On Thursday night, water washed out the pavement, cutting off dozens of homes and trapping neighbors. There was no way in or out for them -- or for emergency crews.

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Gehlbach talked to a neighbor who said water rose about thigh-high outside his house.

"(The) whole house was surrounded, like, I had a moat around my house with no bridge," Ra-Shimon McCray told Gehlbach. “It was coming out the walls, coming out the toilet. I was flooded and couldn’t get out of my home to make it to work. If I came out, (I'd) have to swim to my car.”


McCray, the father of three, was forced to wade out with his children on his back because first responders weren't able to get in to help him.

"I actually put my kids on my back and tote them out one by one," he said. "I had to roll my pants up and walk through it because Clayton County, the Fire (Department) and Police Department, said they weren't able to get back here to help me."

Crews continue to permanently fix the road as neighbors nervously watch the forecast for any more rain.