Clayton County

Man accused of posting video of joyride in police car turns himself in

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The 21-year-old who recorded himself taking a short joyride in a Clayton County police car and posted it on social media turned himself into police Thursday.

"He provided us all the evidence we need to make our case against him," said Clayton Police Chief Joseph Woodall.

Woodall was shocked when an officer showed him the video a few weeks ago. He said Michael McGlory shot the video in July and posted it on his own social media four months later.


Investigators said McGlory found the police cruiser running in his neighborhood with the door wide open.

There was no officer in the car, so police say McGlory jumped in and drove it a few feet.

"My officer was there safeguarding this gentleman’s neighborhood. We were helping to assist another agency in locating a fugitive who had in fact ran on foot from him. That’s the reason why the officer abandoned his car," Woodall said.

That officer had no idea McGlory allegedly took the car until he posted the video on Facebook and Instagram.

Woodall faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.