• Looking for gas as you head south? Good luck

    By: Tom Regan


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Some gas stations in metro Atlanta are running dry as hurricane evacuees fill up and head back to Florida.

    The southbound toll lanes along Interstate 75 were open to ease traffic on Thursday.

    Some of the evacuees told Channel 2’s Tom Regan they are worried about finding gas in Florida.

    Gas station manager Muntaz Yusuf tells Regan is store ran out of gas Wednesday night, after getting overruns with hurricane evacuees.

    Channel 2's Tom Regan found several gas stations out of fuel or running low on Wednesday as hurricane evacuees continue heading south.
    Photo: WSB-TV

    “There were a lot of people going back to Florida and they came. We were swamped yesterday,” Yusuf said.

    Yusuf said he hates to be out of gas because it put a big dent in his store’s sales.

    Kelly Fouts was heading home to St. Petersburg and told Regan she knows there's a gas shortage in Florida.

    “I don't know what I’m going to get, and I don’t want to run out, so I'm going to fill up here and I’ll keep doing it on the way down there," Fouts said.

    As Hurricane Irma bore down on Florida, residents raced to fill their tanks and get out of town.


    Compound the gas shortage, many stations don't have electricity to run their pumps.

    By some estimates 50 to 60 of gas station in major cities like Gainesville, Miami and Tampa are empty.

    “This is an Altima. I only have to fill it up and it will make it all the way back to Florida,” Florida resident Iesha Gideon told Regan. “The problem is once I get home, is getting gas from that point."

    Yusuf also wonder when he's going to get a gas delivery. Premium gas has been especially difficult to find.

    “There is gas in the terminal. But they’re not able to get it to us," Yusuf told Regan.

    Gas monitors say about 11 percent of gas station in metro Atlanta are without fuel. That's expected to improve as more supplies come on line.

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