Longtime high school coach could lose job over medical screening

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A high school coach could lose his job over a urine sample during a medical screening.

Channel 2's Tom Jones was in Clayton County on Friday, where North Clayton High School coach Fred Hill was in termination hearings. Hill has been with the school district for 25 years.

Officials said Hill broke up a fight and was hurt. In order to get worker's compensation, he had to submit a urine sample. Hill submitted one sample at the clinic, but when he couldn't produce a sufficient amount for a second sample, he walked out.

The district says the coach violated his contract and broke the rules when he left.

Supporters showed up to the hearings to support Hill. A student told Jones she walked out of school in protest.

“I think it’s a mess,” parent Lajuante Smith Henderson said.

Hill's attorney doesn't think the district should fire the popular coach.

“We're talking about ending a 25-year career,” attorney Bourquaye Thomas said.


“He violated this contract that he signed, stating he knew this,” said Janet Scott, with Clayton County School District.

The tribunal panel is deciding whether or not to terminate the coach.

“I said, ‘I got to go. I got to go.’ She was, like, ‘Just drank this water, boy,’” Hill said during the hearing.

Hill told the panel he had given a sample. He said his elderly dad was in the car and had been waiting for a while and was in pain.

“He was in the car so long his back was hurting,” Hill said.

Hill's attorney said the coach gave enough of a sample before leaving. He used two cups of water as an illustration.

“Look at it. It's close to what Concentra wanted,” Thomas said during the hearing.

Henderson said she can't believe the district wants to get rid of a popular coach who helps kids in and out of school.

If the panel decides to terminate the coach, the school board would have to the decide whether to follow their decision.