Police: Man shoots, kills teen who tried to break into his home

Homeowner will not be charged after shooting, killing man trying to break into home

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police said a homeowner shot and killed a teenager who tried to break into his home in Clayton County early Friday morning.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, police identified the suspect as Jayven Jackson, 18.

Police responded to a 911 call on Jenni Circle around 3 a.m. and found Jackson lying at the bottom of the stairs suffering from gunshot wounds.

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The homeowner said he grabbed his rifle and fired several shots after he heard Jackson break a window, unlock his front door and start to walk up the stairs.

Jackson died on the way to the hospital.


Channel 2's Christian Jennings is in Jonesboro, where neighbors are on edge. On Friday afternoon, there was still shattered glass in front of the house, blood in the driveway and police fingerprint powder on the door.

Neighbor Duby Okebe said people should be on high alert.

"I don't condone violence, but it's self-defense," Okebe said. "Keep your doors locked and just be ready for whatever."

Neighbors are especially concerned because this is the second fatal home-invasion shooting in the same neighborhood in a month.

On April 30, a woman shot and killed her ex-boyfriend as he broke in.

Neighbors want to know if this was a random break-in or if the homeowner knew Jackson.

"I'd like to know, first and foremost, was it random or was it a situation where they knew them?" Phyllis Williams said. "I walk every day in the neighborhood, so I was wondering if it's safe."

Police would not tell Jennings if the break-in was random or not.

They said they have had dealings with Jackson in the past, when he was a juvenile, and that he was unarmed when he was shot.

Police said they are still in the early stages of the investigation. No charges have been filed against the homeowner.