City cracking down on unpaid tickets dating back to 1990s

Channel 2 anchor Wendy Corona went to Forest Park to learn where the tickets are coming from.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — People across the metro are getting notices in the mail to appear in court pay up on tickets more than a decade old.

Many of them tell Channel 2 anchor Wendy Corona, these are tickets they have already paid.

Sylvester Williams paid a dime for a copy of a 2009 ticket he got in Forest Park for driving with an expired tag. Since getting that ticket, he even got a commercial driver's license.

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"Normally, I guess your license would be suspended if you didn't pay a ticket. Mine wasn't," he said.

Williams isn't alone.


Wendy Williams had a similar story. She got a notice in the mail last Wedensday to appear in court for a 2001 ticket for a red light violation.

"I renewed (my) license in the state of Georgia. I received a license in South Carolina and also lived out the country," she said.

An unpaid ticket history never surfaced until now.

"I'm feeling like now I'm being haunted about a ticket from 18 years ago," Wendy Williams said.

Wendy Williams said when she called and spoke with the clerk of the court last week, she was told it's a ticket from 2001 and the judge is going back all the way to the 1990s to send violation letters.

Corona went to the Forest Park municipal court. She was able to confirm with the city they are working to resolve citations going back to the year 2000 and if someone received a letter, it's because they have not paid.

"I definitely think they're trying to get me twice," Sylvester Williams said.