Clayton County sheriff locks woman up over emails containing love songs

Clayton County sheriff locks woman up over emails containing love songs

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County woman is still in jail after a local sheriff had her arrested for sending him emails of R&B love songs.

Tonieka Brown, 45, has been locked up in the Clayton County Jail since Friday.

Her neighbors told Channel 2’s Tom Jones they couldn't believe why she is behind bars.

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"I think that's just crazy. She didn't have to send him that many, did she?" Nate Johnson said.

People who live near Brown were surprised that Clayton County sheriff's deputies came all the way to Stone Mountain on Friday to arrest their neighbor.

"I did see her get arrested," one man said.

"They walked her to the car. It was peaceful. It wasn't loud. It wasn't no commotion or nothing like that," another neighbor said.


Brown's offense?

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said she sent him multiple emails over a two-day period with links to R&B love ballads from artists like Barry White and Bobby Womack.

Hill said Brown also sent him selfies.

The sheriff said this is the second time he has arrested Brown for sending harassing emails.

Neighbors wonder why Brown is accused of targeting Hill.

"Why? Do they have something going? Are they a broken-up couple or something?" a neighbor wondered.

The sheriff didn't respond to Jones’ emails and phone calls about that.

Jones found multiple videos Brown posted on her public Facebook page of her twerking.

Neighbors wonder if locking her up is the answer.

"Did they try and talk to her first or what? Did they try that first, or maybe some counseling,” Johnson said.

Neighbors said Brown began acting strangely after her mother died recently.

Brown is the second woman arrested after sending Hill emails about love.

Gerrian Hawes said she sent Hill an email saying, "where there is love, fear cannot exist."

Brown is being held on a $2,000 bond.