• Teens accused of beating woman, grandson in home invasion

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A 15- and 16-year-old were arrested in connection with a violent home invasion, and police are searching for a third person who they believe was the getaway driver.

    The attack happened Saturday at a home on Hastings Way in Clayton County.

    Police said two gunmen broke into the home through the garage door.

    Family members said the teens beat a 71-year-old disabled woman and her 15-year-old grandson.

    “Why would you do that to an elderly woman?” said Christy Ingram, the daughter and mother of the victims.

    Ingram said the invaders had several guns.


    “They had rifles. They had semiautomatics and a hand grenade,” she said.

    Police said the burglars stomped, kicked and pistol-whipped the victims.

    “They just physically beat them with the stock of the rifle,” Ingram said.

    According to police, when the grandmother tried to call 911, she was beaten again.

    Police said the teens ransacked the house, stealing money and a pistol among other items, but they made a mistake.

    The 15-year-old victim recognized the name one suspect called the other.

    “And also the voice of one of the juveniles,” Clayton County Police Maj. Craig Hammer said.

    Police said the victim went to school with the suspect. Officers went to one of the teens’ homes and found the stolen goods. Both teens were arrested.

    The grandmother said she heard the teens talking to a third person, possibly a lookout.

    Ingram wants the teen suspects charged as adults. She also wants the person who may have driven them from the scene behind bars.

    “Anybody that was involved in this brutal, aggressive crime" should be in prison, she said. 

    Police said the teens are not cooperating, and authorities do not know why they chose to break into the home.

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