'I don't care': Victim has no sympathy for accused rapist complaining about jail

One of his alleged victims called it karma.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a suspected serial rapist says it is bad karma after he complained he needs to be moved because his jail cell is unsanitary.

The woman told Channel 2's Tom Jones that it's hard to feel sympathy for the man after she was assaulted while she was 9-months pregnant.

The victim, who we are not naming, said the attack left her so stressed she had her baby the next day.

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She said she had to move out of the apartment where the attack took place, so she has no room in her heart for Kenneth Bowen's complaints about his living conditions at the Clayton County Jail.


"I have no sympathy for him because he had none for me," the victim said. "His karma is going to be worse than what any of us women have had to deal with.

Bowen is suspected of sexually assaulting at least 15 women over a four year period. He was arrested last month.

His attorney is asking a judge to remove him from suicide watch where he is being kept in an unsanitary cell, with no clothes, no mattress and no bed.

"I don't care. He can be in an underground jail," the woman told Jones.

This victim said Bowen's living conditions can't be worse than getting raped while nine months pregnant.

She said her attacker broke into her apartment last year and attacked her and even rubbed her stomach.

"That didn't faze him at all, the fact you were nine-months pregnant?" Jones asked the victim.

"No. And to threaten to hurt me and my child…" she said.

She had a baby boy one day after the attack.

"My son is a reminder because I hated it," the victim said.

She said now her sweet son is a reminder of how she is a fighter. Someone ready to fight to keep her attacker behind bars.

"He does not deserve to be on the street. He does not deserve to hurt any more women," the victim said.

A judge will decide if Bowen will be moved to a new cell.

Another victim told Jones that all the women who were attacked have to live with the consequences of his actions and so should he.