Back to School 2021: How to pick the best car for your student driver

ATLANTA — Metro Atlanta students are just weeks away from heading back to school.

Channel 2′s Consumer Advisor Clark Howard advises that before they return, there’s one car feature you should consider when buying a car for your college age student.

The life-saving feature is called an electronic stability control device.

For anyone at any age, trying to figure out how to buy a reliable used car is tough, but when you have a teenager going off to college, and you're trying to buy them a car, it's even tougher.


Howard said that because you usually spend about $6,000 or more to be able to find a reliable used car, the electronic stability control device is a key feature.

The device is built in to newer cars, and prevents rollovers or at least reduces the chance that a vehicle will be involved in a rollover.

Howard said that you should always have any used car you're considering checked out by a mechanic of your choosing.

The biggest expense of all for a teenager’s car is the insurance, so be sure to shop that thoroughly, Howard said.