• Christmas 'Grinch' steals car, $1,000 worth of gifts from family, police say

    By: Chris Jose


    A family is devastated after a Christmas Grinch stole a $1,000 worth of Christmas gifts.

    A mother told Channel 2's Chris Jose she was inside a Henry County Toys R Us for 30 minutes on Black Friday.


    When she came out, the family Ford F-350 pickup truck was gone. The family told Channel 2 Action News they depend on the truck to run their small business, a bouncy house company. 

    The truck had an alarm but it didn’t stop the crook from taking it.

    "I feel like I failed my family. I feel like I failed my wife. I feel like I failed my kids," said Justin Flynn.

    "To know somebody watched you, to know you got out of your truck and went inside. You just feel violated," Misty Flynn said.

    It was the last stop on the list, she had been bargain shopping all day.

    "It was about $1,000 worth of Christmas stuff for my kids," Misty Flynn said as she showed Jose the receipts. "I bought toys from Target, I bought clothes from JC Penny."

    The list goes on and on.

    "To know that your kids might not have a Christmas, it crushes me 100 percent," Justin Flynn said.

    Jose checked and there are surveillance cameras in the Toys R Us parking lot. The Flynns viewed the footage.

    "When I saw it, it was just a foggy image. They acted like they didn't really care," Justin Flynn said. He adds he also had his work tools in the truck.

    The Flynn's own a children's party business. Without the truck, the Flynns said they can't haul supplies.

    "Taking something that helps my family do what it needs to do, to survive and to eat, it's just... shame on you. Shame on you," said Justin Flynn.


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