• Children recovering after being hit by car


    ATLANTA - One child remains in a hospital and another is home recovering Tuesday after a driver knocked them off of a bike.

    Kiyana Bradley, 13, is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital, but the boy who was riding on that bicycle with her is home recovering.

    He talked to Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri about what led up to that car hitting them and his concern for his friend.

    Cuts and bruises cover 9-year-old Tremaine Gary's face. The boy suffered a concussion and has a pin in his knee, but knows he's lucky after a car hit him and a friend on McDaniel street in southwest Atlanta Monday.

    "She went in the street, and the car was coming and we got hit," Tremaine said.

    A Lexus hit Tremaine and his friend Kiyana. Kiyana was pedaling the bike the two were riding on Roy Street. Tremaine was riding on the back and said instead of turning left, Kiyana went straight into the intersection, putting them both in the path of the oncoming car.

    "When I got hit, I closed my eyes and I flew up in the air, and I hit the windshield and flew off the car. She flew over the handlebars and hit the ground," Tremaine said.

    Tremaine said he doesn't remember much after that. Witnesses said Kiyana was unconscious.

    "I'm just grateful to God because it could have been worse," said Tremaine's grandmother, Gloria Gary.

    Gloria said she is happy to have her grandson home and said the family is praying for Kiyana.

    "She's presently still in ICU. She had a lot of fluid on her brain, from what we understand. So they was trying to remove the fluid," Gloria Gary said.

    Atlanta police said the driver appeared to be driving responsibly and likely will not face charges. Tremaine said he's glad to be home for Christmas and hopes the same is soon true for his friend.

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