Heads up! Customers charged multiple times due to glitch at popular restaurant

A woman is warning people to check their bank charges.

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A woman is warning people to check their bank charges, saying a popular Atlanta-based restaurant charged her five times for one meal.

Lianne Whang told Channel 2 Action News she and her husband went to lunch at an Atlanta Bread Company restaurant in Woodstock two weeks ago.

Whang said Atlanta Bread Company knows about the mixup, but she's still trying to get her money back.

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"They said they had several hundred people that had multiple charges like that. Some had as many as 10 charges," Whang said.

A spokesperson for the company said an internet connection caused the glitch at one location.

The company said it is working to make sure everyone affected gets a refund and that it doesn't happen again.