Deputy accused of stealing drugs from evidence room

Deputy charged with stealing drugs from evidence room

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A veteran sheriff's deputy is charged with stealing drugs from an evidence room that he was in charge of overseeing.

When you have a deputy charged with stealing drugs from evidence room, there's bound to be a lot of concern that it could jeopardize criminal cases.

At this point, the sheriff's office doesn't think so.

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Deputy Jeff Geottells, 41, a veteran law officer entrusted with keeping watch over mountains of evidence for the sheriff's office and the district attorney, is now accused of stealing some of that evidence to get high.

“It was oxycodone and morphine. We're talking about two bottles -- not a large quantity,” Lt. Jay Baker said.

Baker told Channel 2’s Tom Reagan the drugs were not part of a criminal investigation, but a death case, and were supposed to be disposed of.

“Instead of being destroyed, he took them for his own personal use,” Baker said.


The deputy came under suspicion after other employees who work the evidence noticed missing


The sheriff called in the GBI over the weekend, and Geottels was charged with theft and illegal possession of narcotics and violation of oath office.

Authorities are trying to determine the potential fallout from his arrest. %



“At this time, it doesn’t appear any active case he was involved in will be compromised,” Baker said.

The sheriff is hiring an outside firm to audit the evidence room to determine if any other drugs are missing and whether the deputy could face additional charges.

"He takes this extremely seriously, and he said he will prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Baker said.

Those Reagan spoke to said news of the deputy's arrest is disappointing.

“It's wrong and they shouldn’t be in public office and serving our community at all,” Ben Sapp said.