Cherokee County high school students back in class after COVID-19 outbreak

Cherokee County high school students back in class after COVID-19 outbreak

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — Students at three local high schools are preparing to return to their school for the first time since a COVID-19 outbreak.

Students at Creekview, Etowah and Woodstock high schools in Cherokee County went back to remote learning just days after school started in August.

Many students are happy to be coming back but there’s still a number of students learning from home.

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Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes spoke to parents who appreciate having the two learning options.

“I’m happy that Cherokee is continuing to do it – I think they’re doing a great job at precautions,” said parent Erin Lecour.

Lecour has children who are still in elementary school.

But she said the COVID-19 outbreaks at the Cherokee County high schools still affect her community and her family. So she hopes school officials will crack down on their new requirements, that are now in place to keep kids safe.


School officials said they’re having fewer kids in classrooms, fewer kids in the cafeteria and they made masks a requirement in certain classes.

Many parents don’t want to be forced to choose virtual learning for their children, but they may have to if there are more major outbreaks at these schools

“There’s only so much you can do and so long you can stay inside, so you have to deal with it as it comes – pick up and move on – deal with it and move on,” Lecour said.

Instead students are coming here 5 days a week starting Tuesday.

Cherokee high schools to reopen this week after temporary shutdown over COVID-19 cases