Outfitting your car for the Hands Free law doesn't have to be expensive

Georgia is just days away from a major change affecting all drivers across the state: The new Hands Free law goes into effect July first.

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer went to Verizon to where customers were learning some of the lost-cost options that you have to make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

Employee Zakir Burrow showed customers several cool options if you don't have Bluetooth that only require one touch -- and won't break the bank.

A phone mount can cost as little as $10 and allows you to use your phone on speaker. You can also add a speakerphone that mounts to your visor for about $100.

Another option is wireless earbuds, which cost about $200. But beware:

"You don’t want an ear pod in both ears while driving that is not going to be allowed," Verizon employee Zakir Burrow said "But having one in there, you will hear the phone ringing, use one touch operation to answer the call and if you want to make a call again press one button ."

There are also options available to wirelessly charge your phone.

Whatever you buy, remember: Talking on your phone the old-fashioned way could cost you $50 for your first offense. It doubles for your second offense and triples for your third, plus puts points on your license.