• Channel 2 obtains video, 911 call in shooting at iconic restaurant

    By: Richard Elliot


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News obtained the security camera video and 911 record of an incident involving a security guard and his pistol at an iconic Northeast Atlanta restaurant two days before police charged that guard with shooting out a car window.

    Dexter Washington faces aggravated assault charges for the April 10 shooting outside Mary Mac's Tea Room.  Security camera video showed Washington avoiding a car leaving the parking lot exit through the entrance then confronting the driver out in the street.

    The video shows Washington draw his weapon then fire four shots as the driver pulled away.  The shots shattered the passenger side window, but luckily, no one was hurt.

    Two days earlier, a different driver said Washington also confronted him in that parking lot as he tried to exit through the entrance.  The April 8 video shows Washington blocking the car then drawing his weapon.  The video also shows Washington did not point the weapon at the driver and his passenger. 

    Eventually, the guard walked away. The driver, who asked to remain anonymous, was upset enough to call 911.

    "I just had a guy pull a gun on me," the caller told 911.

    Atlanta police investigated, but when they saw the video, they determined Washington had not committed a crime.  They did not press charges or even take a report.

    The driver reached out to Channel 2 Action News after he saw the report on the April 10th shooting.

    "I was not surprised," he said.  "I was a bit shocked that it was that quick between the incident between myself and the security guard."

    Washington's attorney Dennis Scheib confirmed his client was involved in the April 8 incident, but said he drew his weapon only in self-defense and never pointed it at the driver.  He also pointed to the fact that APD determined no crime had taken place then.

    Washington remains out on bond.

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