• Gunman wanted Channel 2 to 'start filming as police die'


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News assignment editor Lacey LeCroy had a chilling conversation with an office worker at McNair Discovery Learning Academy Elementary as a gunman fired shots.

    The incident happened Tuesday afternoon in DeKalb County, leading to a full evacuation of the school. No injuries were reported.

    The office worker told LeCroy that the gunman wanted her to call Channel 2.

    "All the time of doing this I never experienced anything like this," LeCroy said. "It didn't take long to know that this was serious."

    The McNair Elementary office worker told LeCroy that the gunman wanted Channel 2 Action News to "start filming as police die."

    The gunman then told the woman that he wanted "police to back up."


    The woman and LeCroy said they heard gunshots, but they did not know if anyone had been shot. LeCroy said she stayed on the line, mostly in silence for five minutes with the woman.

    "I was so worried for her. She was the only one in the office with him," LeCroy said.

    Eventually the woman told LeCroy "they got him."

    Channel 2 Action News has confirmed with multiple sources that the suspect is a white man in his 20s who was armed with an AK-47 and dressed in black. Channel 2's Mark Winne said the suspect was peacefully apprehended by DeKalb County sheriff's deputies and U.S. Marshals Service.


    News Chopper 2 footage showed children running from the school building. Eventually the students boarded buses and were reunited with parents at a Walmart on Gresham Road.

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